World’s Best Cat Litter: What Is It and Why It’s Best?


Whether you have an indoor cat, or an outdoor one, you will always need a litter tray at some time, for your cat’s toilet. Picking the right type of cat litter box is important to ensure your feline likes it, and actually uses it. But it’s also no less important to choose the right type of cat litter brand.

In this article, we’ll discuss your cat’s toilet habits and litter preferences, and take a look at one of the most popular cat litter brands – the “World’s Best Cat Litter”.

Cat Toilet Habits

Worlds best cat litterCat’s can be quite fussy on where they go to the toilet. When they do find somewhere, they will take the time to bury their waste. This is an instinct that dates back to living in the wild, to hide their presence from predators. What ever the reason your cat buries their poop, if it’s in the litter tray, it invariably leads to a mess of bits of litter all over the place.

Whilst your cat will hide their poop and pee, by burying it, obviously they can’t actually clean it up. That responsibility falls to you, the cat owner. We mentioned earlier cats are fussy about where they mess. This can mean that if their litter tray isn’t regularly emptied, you may find they go elsewhere for their toilet. Not only that, but the odor from the cat litter tray will become overpowering, if left for any length of time. Ideally, you should empty their litter tray daily, or as necessary, removing any lumps or wet clumps. At least once a week you should completely empty the tray and refill with fresh litter.

Once your cat has been to toilet in any one place, he will usually return to the same place again. That’s why, once the cat is litter trained, it should not toilet anywhere else in the house but the litter tray. If there is an accident elsewhere in the home, it could signal that your cat is either ill or in distress, or that the litter tray needs cleaning.

There is usually some reason why an adult cat would choose to toilet in a place it has not been before. It may be that he’s locked in a room, or there were strangers in the house that he’s unaccustomed to. Perhaps he was unable to actually get to the litter tray. If such a reason is the case, then there’s little to worry about. But, if your cat messes outside its tray on purpose, then it could be that the cat is unwell.

When a cat has messed outside his litter tray, the main problem is in cleaning it up. It must be done thoroughly, to remove any trace or aroma, and ensure your cat doesn’t go there again. Generally, once your cat is litter trained, then you should have very little problems with accidents.

Following, are a few tips to make the process easy and trouble free:

  1. Train your cat from a kitten, that the litter tray is the place for his toilet.
  2. Find a place that is suitable for you and everyone in your family. Place it somewhere where it will not get knocked, and also offers some privacy for your cat.
  3. Make sure your feline friend approves of where it is. If he won’t go in it, try another place or another room. Could be that the room is too noisy, and he feels threatened in there.
  4. Once you have both agreed on a spot, keep it in that same place. Then you will find that he will to return to, time and again.

Now that you have established where his litter tray is to be situated, it’s time to decide which litter to use. It makes sense that you use a litter that is 100% environmentally friendly. Not only good for the environment, but also for your home too, and most importantly, for your cat.

World’s Best Cat Litter Review

The World’s Best Cat Litter comes highly recommended, from its many customers who use it for their own cats. Why? Let’s have a look at a few of its many qualities:

  1. It is a 100% natural product, making it planet friendly.
  2. Produced from whole kernel corn.
  3. Very absorbent, trapping any liquid inside formed clumps. Ensuring no liquid seeps to the bottom of the tray, causing a sludgy mess.
  4. Because of its efficient process of clumping together it is easier to clean away.
  5. The natural clumping process means you use less litter, a bag of the Worlds Best Cat Litter will go so much further.
  6. Any odors are trapped inside the clumps that have formed. This helps to mask any unpleasant smells that would normally come from a litter tray.
  7. The Worlds Best Cat Litter is dust free, so no clouds of dust in your home when you fill the litter tray.
  8. The Worlds Best Cat litter is softer than the cheaper traditional clay brands, making it good for cats’ claws.
  9. The biodegradable ingredients are flushable down any toilet system. That is, unless your local area does not allow this method, such as California. It will not harm a septic system either, as it is eco friendly.
  10. Absolutely no chemicals added, ever.

What’s more there are different formulas to choose from, to suit your home:

CLUMPING. Made from eco friendly ingredients. Quick to form clumps, making it easier to scoop out the used particles from the litter tray. Odorless and dust free.

MULTIPLE CAT CLUMPING. With an added natural plant ingredient for extra clumping, makes this formula perfect for those households with more than one cat.

LAVENDER SCENTED. All the same benefits, but with a natural lavender oil added. If you prefer a natural flowery scent around the litter tray, then this one’s for you.

PINE ZERO MESS ADVANCED SERIES. The super absorbent one. Great if you have multiple cats. Ideal if you prefer a natural scented aroma around your litter tray.

To sum up the Worlds Best Cat Litter Review:

  • Kinder for your home.
  • Flushable, and septic tank friendly.
  • Easier to handle, less mess to clean away.
  • The softer corn kernels are gentler on your cat’s paws.
  • 100% biodegradable. Leaves no effects on the environment.

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