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The question of whether or not you should give your cat canned food is a touchy one. There are passionate cat owners on both sides of this issue. There are some pros and cons to feeding a cat strictly wet food, and some brands are better than ones, so let’s take a look at the best wet cat food brands, how wet cat food affects our felines and what else pet owners must know.

Best Wet Cat Food BrandsAccording to science, and according to veterinarians, cats benefit from eating the best wet cat food brands over dry foods. Giving top rated healthy wet cat food in addition to good quality dry cat food provides extra liquids and more protein that cats need to stay healthy and hydrated.

For example, male cats especially are prone to urinary tract problems that can be fixed by a diet of best wet cat food exclusively because it has more moisture. Moreover, cats with dental problems and older cats find it easier to eat canned cat food than dry food. Giving your cat wet food may cost a little more than feeding dry cat kibble but you’ll likely save on vet bills. Also, there are some cheap cat food brands that are usually more affordable for pet owners.

In this article, we’ll discuss wet vs dry cat food, what vets say about the best wet cat food brands out there, what are the pros and cons of it, and we’ll investigate the best canned wet cat food reviews, including these top rated brands:

Wet Cat Food Brand Price Value Quality
Purina Fancy Feast Classic $$ $2.8/lbs 5 stars
AvoDerm Natural Entree Tuna and Crab $$$$ $4.4/lbs 4 and a half stars
BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe $$$$ $4.8/lbs 4 and a half stars
Purina Friskies Pate Turkey & Giblets $ $1.2/lbs 4 stars
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet $$$ $3.1/lbs 4 stars

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Dry vs Wet Cat Food

It appears that most veterinarians recommend using the best wet cat food brands as opposed to dry cat food for several reasons. It’s said that cats are healthier when they have a diet that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and contains a lot of water. Wet canned cat food hits all three of these marks, unlike dry cat food.

“Little bits of too much energy lead to weight gain overtime. We did find that cats on canned or wet food diets have less of a tendency towards obesity than cats on dry food diets,” says Prof. Robert Backus, a researcher from the University of Missouri (source)

Dry vs Wet Cat FoodFeeding your cat canned food, either alone or with dry cat food kibble (which can be even better), will give the cat that extra moisture it needs. Especially in the summer or in hot and dry climates having that extra hydration will make a big difference in a cat’s health.

But not all cat owners agree, and what we should feed our cats is always a hot button topic. Some people insist that anyone who doesn’t feed their cat a homemade raw diet doesn’t really care about their cat’s health, while the science disagrees with this claim.

Other people say that the cheap dry kibble is fine and people who feed their cat expensive diets like the best wet cat food brands are foolishly wasting money. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. High quality dry kibble can be just fine cats. High quality best canned cat foods are better, however.

Overall, a balance of goods from both worlds is probably ideal. Further in the article, we’ll talk more about this. In the meantime, we’ve scoured the pet food market options to see what’s out there and found ten of the best canned foods for cats that are well-reviewed.

What Are the Best Wet Cat Food Brands?
2017’s top 10 healthy best wet food for cats

1 Classic Poultry & Beef Collection Food
 by Purina Fancy Feast

Classic Poultry & Beef Collection Food by Purina Fancy FeastPurina Fancy Feast Classic is one of the best wet cat food brands that you can get based on value for the price. Because it’s a canned cat food that is widely available in grocery stores and other stores as well as in pet stores some people think it’s low quality food. But Fancy Feast Classic is a hidden gem when it comes to canned cat food.

The reason it’s one of the best wet cat food brands and has been for a long time, is because it’s one of the most affordable wet cat foods out there, it’s easy to find, and it’s surprisingly nutritious and healthy for felines according to vets. Make sure that you’re buying the Classic formula and you’ll be buying a canned cat food that has meat as the main ingredient and that has very little filler. If you’re on a budget but you still want to give your cat a high quality food, or if you have lots of cats and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on canned food, this is the best canned food you can get.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “What can I say, my cats love it. I would definitely recommend this to all you cat lovers. Great price and great quality. Also shop from Vitapet’s. We got this [[ASIN:B01N8XE12U Vitapet Probiotic Powder Blend…”


2 Natural Entree Tuna and Crab in Gravy
 by AvoDerm

Natural Entree Tuna and Crab in Gravy by AvoDermAvoDerm is another one of the best grain free wet cat food brands. Like some of the others on the list it has high quality ingredients. But what makes AvoDerm different is that it has avocado in it to help make your cat’s skin and coat healthier.

A high protein diet will help with skin issues but AvoDerm’s added avocado makes it great for cats with chronic skin problems, too. And the formula is one that many cats find appealing according to the many wet cat food reviews from other pet owners, so if your cat is a fussy eater and doesn’t like other canned foods, give AvoDerm a try.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “After trying Blue Buffalo, Halo and others I decided to give this a try after reading the great reviews. MY CATS LOVED IT!!! I can’t belive I found a nutritious food that my cats actually like, the 3 of them!! I used to…”


3 Rocky Mountain Recipe Adult Grain-Free
 by BLUE Wilderness

Rocky Mountain Recipe Adult Grain-Free by BLUE WildernessBlue Wilderness is a very popular canned cat food and one of the leading manufacturers in the pet food industry. There are many varieties of this grain free food to choose from, and they’re oft-quoted as one of the best wet cat food brands due to high protein formulas. Like Natural Balance Blue Wilderness food uses unusual proteins like trout and duck that are good for cats that have food allergies or sensitivities.

Blue Wilderness has long been known to manufacture very nutritious pet foods, and despite their few slip ups in recent history, they’re still a major brand that makes one of the best canned cat food formulas out there. It’s a high quality wet cat food that doesn’t have the high price tag (when buying in bulk) like some of the other grain free foods.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My cat loves this food. He loves most food, but as far as cat food is concerned, he worships this stuff. I had been previously feeding him Iams but I came across Blue Buffalo in Petco as they no longer carry…”


4 Pate Turkey & Giblets Dinner Food
 by Purina Friskies

Pate Turkey & Giblets Dinner Food by Purina FriskiesFriskies Pate is another one of the best wet cat food brands due to its low price, highly nutritious contents and being one of the most popular canned cat foods among pet owners. Make sure that you choose the pate style food if you want to make sure that you’re choosing the healthiest Friskies food.

Friskies does have some filler in it, however, but it’s not a bad food for the price, especially if you mix it with dry cat food or even other best wet cat food brands. Reading the wet cat food reviews from pet owners, it’s easy to see that this formula has won their and their pets’ hearts. If you’re on a tight budget but you still want to give your cat some canned cat food to make sure that it gets some extra moisture Friskies food will get the job done. Cats seem to like the taste too. It’s better to feed your cat a lower quality canned food that you can afford than to not feed any canned food at all.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “OK people I am not making this up. If my cat doesn’t get a can of Mixed Grill every evening at precisely 8:00 pm he will come find me wherever I am and make it known it’s canned cat food…”


5 L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Food
 by Natural Balance

L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Food by Natural BalanceNatural Balance is another veteran pet food manufacturer that is well known to pet owners as making great quality dog and cat food formulas. Their Limited Ingredient Diet canned food is recommended by vets for cats with food allergies that have trouble digesting proteins like chicken that are commonly found in pet food.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient is one of the best wet cat food brands because it’s grain free and use high quality source of protein like duck and salmon. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient wet cat food is a little pricey when compared to some other best wet cat foods on this list, but it’s very high quality. Pet owners seem to like the brand as well, so if you can afford it, that’s a good way to go.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a 12 year old Norwegian Forest cat who was 21 pounds a few months ago. For years he would have explosive extra stinky diarrhea almost daily. It would get all over his long fur and was…”


6 Grain-Free Canned Cat Food
 by Wellness Core

Grain-Free Canned Cat Food by Wellness CoreWellness Core is a type of cat food formulas that are grain free and made by one of the most famous pet food manufacturers, Wellness. This company is one of the most respected names in the industry and manufactures some of the best wet cat food brands under its umbrella name. The ingredients Wellness uses are always top of the line organic, natural, healthy and GMO free.

Not only are the contents of this best wet cat food formula are nutritious and high quality, but it’s easy to see how other pet owners admire the company and like this brand from reading all the reviews. If you are looking for a high end grain free canned food you can’t beat Wellness Core. But, it can be expensive if you are feeding several cats.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have two handicapped kittens, both six months old. One is a domestic short hair that lost her leg and shoulder to a traumatic injury, and the other is a scottish fold with severe osteochondrodysplasia…”


7 Pate Grain Free Pheasant & Sweet Potato
 by Purina Beyond

Pate Grain Free Pheasant & Sweet Potato by Purina BeyondIf you are looking for a low priced grain free canned cat food option Purina Beyond Naturals is a smart choice. It comes in several different unusual varieties like Pheasant, Arctic Char, and Quail. Those types of protein sources are great for cats who have sensitive stomachs.

Because Purina Beyond’s best wet cat food is slightly different to most other options on this list, it’s also a nice way to give your cat some variety from the usual chicken, turkey and seafood canned foods. Purina Beyond Naturals are very affordable so it’s a good choice for multi-cat households. According to wet cat food reviews from other pet owners, most felines love the taste of this diet.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “A longtime friend, who happens to be a veterinary tech, disdains “supermarket” pet food as junk (meat byproducts and unhealthy stuff) and recommends the pricier Wellness brand for our cats, available…”


8 Instinct Grain Free Salmon Formula Natural
 by Nature’s Variety

Instinct Grain Free Salmon Formula Natural by Nature's VarietyNature’s Variety is a brand that’s known for their distinct formulation of pet foods, and many pet owners feed their dogs and cats exclusively this brand. Their Instinct is a great canned food for cats that might not normally like canned food. It comes in unique flavors like Rabbit and Lamb along with traditional flavors.

Nature’s Variety wet cat food has a unique texture that makes it easy for cats to eat, and cats with dental problems or young kittens can easily consume it. It’s a mid-range price of all best wet cat food brands on here, and it’s relatively easy to find if you’re shopping in pet stores. I recommend reading the reviews of this brand because some owners claim that their cats didn’t tolerate the taste, but most are big fans of this diet.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Bailo, our 19 year old cat was on the last leg with failing kidneys, a urine infection, sensitive stomach and continuous throwing up. A cure with antibiotics & this feed was part of her coming back…”


9 Indoor Formula Wet Food
 by Natural Balance

Indoor Formula Wet Food by Natural BalanceNatural Balance Ultra Indoor canned cat food is not grain free like the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet canned cat food. However it is a very healthy option for indoor cats. It has special additives to help nourish the skin and coats of indoor cats. And it’s a little bit lower in calories than other foods to help less active indoor cats stay at a good weight.

It comes in several appealing flavor combinations to keep cats from getting bored with one flavor. If your cat doesn’t need to have grain free food and your cat is an indoor cat Natural Balance Ultra Indoor canned food is a great choice among these best wet cat food brands on the list to give your cat. It is at the higher end of the price range but it’s a high quality food formulated for the needs of indoor cats.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have been using this cat food for about a month. Now, I’m not a cat, and I’ve never eaten it, but both my cats eat it right up. I have a 14 year-old cat with tiny kidneys, who was an outdoor cat until…”


10 MAX CAT Adult With Savory Duck Chunks
 by Nutro

MAX CAT Adult With Savory Duck Chunks by NutroThe last on the list of best wet cat food brands is another known company – Nutro. Their Max Cat is another decent quality mid-range priced canned cat food. Some of the flavors do have fillers but others are grain free. The flavor combinations are unique like the Seafood and Tomato Bisque and the Lamb and Turkey.

Nutro did have a recall scare a few years ago but since then has switched suppliers and changed their canned food formula. Now all Nutro Max Cat best canned cat foods are made in the USA using safely sourced ingredients. Nutro Max Cat is another food that is good for finicky cats or cats that are sick because the smell and taste are appealing to finicky cats that don’t like other types of canned cat food.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I got these for my “Elderly-Kitty” Trying to improve the quality of food Modifying to be free of Grain (especially corn and wheat, as well as only NON-GMO foods) to help Him live A Longer and Healthier Life with…”

The best wet cat food vs dry cat food

The best wet cat food vs dry cat food

Most cat owners have found a happy medium between buying the best wet cat food brands and dry cat food kibble. Usually, they feed their cat a mixture of both dry and canned cat foods. That way the cat gets some extra moisture and gets some variety in their diet, and the owner doesn’t have to spend all their time dishing out canned food.

In the debate of wet vs dry cat food, the main disadvantage of wet cat food is that it’s more difficult to store. Unlike dry kibble for cats, even the best canned cat food will start to develop bacteria if it’s left out at room temperature. You should never leave canned cat food out all day the way that you leave kibble out.

Experts say that you should dish out as much canned cat food as your pet will eat in 10-15 minutes. Leave the dish out and let your cat eat. But after 10-15 minutes pick up the dish and throw away any uneaten food. If you leave it out any longer than that it could become contaminated and start growing bacteria.

If you use large cans of these best wet cat food brands, after you dish out a serving, cover the can with a plastic can lid and put it in the refrigerator for later. That will keep it safe. But, cats are most interested in food that is room temperature or warm. So take the can out of the fridge about 15 minutes before you want to feed your cat to let the food come back up to room temperature.

Or you can put the can in a pan of boiling water to heat up the food, but just pay attention. You can heat up canned cat food much like you would heat up a baby’s bottle. Don’t microwave the food because it could end up being so hot it burns your cat’s mouth. Slowly bring the food up to room temperature or slightly warmer.

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Finding the best canned cat food for your feline

Finding the best canned cat food for your felineAll cats are different, so even if you pick something from the above list of best wet cat food brands, there’s no guarantees that your cat will like it (she doesn’t know it’s good for her).

When you’re choosing any canned cat food brand to feed your feline, the ingredients matter the most. You should look for a type of wet cat food that has mostly protein and not a lot of fillers, and little to no carbohydrates. Some type of meat should be one of the first three listed ingredients. That means that the food has mostly meat in it and a low percentage of fillers.

Of course your cat will ultimately make the decision for you. No matter how high quality wet cat food is that you picked for her, if the cat doesn’t like it then you’ll have to find something different. Even if you can’t afford to spend a ton of money on canned food for your cat, you can still give your cat a quality canned food mixed with dry kibble.

In conclusion

There are many different brands of best wet cat food that will benefit your feline on several different levels. But the palatability and how much your cat likes her canned diet will also matter, and there’s no way to tell other than to go through trial and error.

This is why I highly recommend reading cat food reviews of other pet owners.

Feeding your cat wet cat food is recommended by vets because it will make your cat healthier due to its superior quality. You can supplement your cat’s dry food with canned food as well if you don’t want to switch completely to wet food diet and spend money.

Choose a healthy best wet cat food brand that is made from mostly meat and avoid foods that have a lot of grain or filler in them. Experiment with different brands of best canned cat foods and their flavors to find the type of wet cat food that your pet really enjoys. No matter what your budget is there, are healthy canned cat foods in every price range that you can feed your cat to make your cat happier and healthier.

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