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When you bring your new kitten home, one of the most important things to do is to feed her properly and pick the best kitten food for health and longevity. Proper cat nutrition is the best way to prevent many diseases and health issues not only in your kitten but also for the future adult cat.

Top 10 Best Kitten Food BrandsVets and experts stress that when you choose the best kitten food that’s nutritionally balanced, she’ll grow into a strong and healthy cat, and potentially live longer. Since a kitten has different needs nutritionally from a grown cat, you’ll need to feed your kitten a food designed specifically for kittens.

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between cat food for kittens and adult cats, how to pick the best kitten food and what vets say about it, as well as take a close look at the best kitten foods reviews, including these top five options:

Kitten Food Brand Price Quality Rating
BLUE Freedom Kitten Indoor Grain-Free $$ A+ 5 stars
Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free $$$ A 4 and a half stars
NUTRO MAX CAT Kitten Dry Cat Food $$ A- 4 and a half stars
BLUE Wilderness Wild Delights Kitten Grain-Free $$$ B+ 4 stars
Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Premium Food $ B- 4 stars

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Picking the best kitten food brand for a young cat

Same as picking the best puppy food, the first thing you must do for choosing kitten food  is know how to read cat food labels accurately, and see which life stage of the cat the for product is for, and understand the ingredients in your kitten food. Be sure you choose a food which is intended to help your kitten to grow healthy.

“Kittens require more food per pound of body weight to support their growth than do adult cats, and therefore should be fed more often throughout the day,” says Dr. Francis Kallfelz, DVM, PhD of College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University (source)

Picking the best cat food for kittensYou’ll also have to decide which type of best kitten food to feed your cat. Are you going to feed her dry kitten food or canned kitten food? Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but either option is acceptable, according to veterinarians.

For example, canned kitten food brands has more moisture for your cat than the dry does. This can be useful to keep your kitten properly hydrated and it’s also more palatable. As your kitten matures, this may be important if your cat doesn’t drink a lot of water.

Dry kitten food brands, also known as cat kibble, is more convenient for pet owners because it won’t spoil if left out and is simply easier to serve to cats. But it does have a carbohydrate count which is higher than the canned food for kittens. Plus, when your kitten grows into an adult cat, she could gain more weight on dry cat food due to possible grazing.

Deciding on which type or kind of cat food for kittens is best is generally a personal choice and preference, and also depending on what your specific kitten enjoys to eat. Further in the article, we’ll talk more about how to feed a kitten, what makes the best kitten food and how to optimize your young cat’s diet.

Below I also want to take a look at the best kitten foods currently available, and I recommend you read kitten food reviews from other pet owners before picking the one for your own cat. Making a choice of what food to feed a kitten can be difficult on your own.

What is the Best Kitten Food Brand?
2017 top 10 best cat food for kittens that’s healthy

1 Freedom Kitten Indoor Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
 by Blue Buffalo

Freedom Kitten Indoor Grain-Free Dry Cat Food by Blue BuffaloBlue Buffalo has long been one of the leaders in pet food and specifically in manufacturing some of the best kitten food brands. This formula seems to be extremely popular among pet owners, with most claiming their cats loving the taste and smell.

As we have established above, a kitten has growing needs that are different to adult cats, and this best kitten food is made especially for this. The ingredients in this best cat food for kittens are chosen to help your kitten grow up healthy and strong. The natural holistic kitten food provides the essential amino acids; plus, the vital nutrients your kitten needs every day.

It’s made from wholesome whole grains such as barley, oats and brown rice. This supplies the complex carbohydrates which are needed for a growing kitten. Plus; sweet potatoes, carrots, parsley and cranberries; which have phytonutrients, are added for further good health.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My 9-month-old kitten has been eating Royal Canin since he was about 2-months-old. I tried switching him to blue buffalo freedom a few months ago, and he didn’t like it and would always…”


2 Complete Health Natural Canned Grain Free
 by Wellness Natural Pet Food

Complete Health Natural Canned Grain Free by Wellness Natural Pet FoodWellness Natural is arguably the most famous brand of pet food, both for dogs and cats. Their best kitten food formulas have gained solid reputation among pet owners and quickly became one of the most popular cat foods for kittens, according to many reviews.

This delicious (according to the reviews) grain free pate for kittens is made with quality proteins and what you kitten needs to grow. So, chicken is used and combined with essential vitamins and minerals so that your kitten has a complete and balanced diet to do this.

It’s made from all natural ingredients without any meat by-products added too. It also doesn’t have any artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. It’s made in the USA and backed by the Wellness guarantee. In addition, buying Wellness Complete Heath canned wet food will help with your kitten’s moisture intake.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Objectively speaking… The cans are easy to ope and they have consistently arrived in excellent condition. There are 24 cans at 3 oz. each. That’s all I can really say objectively about cat food. Subjectively speaking…”


3 MAX CAT Kitten Dry Cat Food
 by Nutro

MAX CAT Kitten Dry Cat Food by NutroNutro company doesn’t have too many brands of kitten food on their shelves, but the few that they do have appear to be fairly popular among pet owners. The MAX best kitten food formula in particular is their top offered choice today.

Nutro’s MAX best cat food for kittens is DHA fortified to help with your kitten’s brain development. This kitten food has taurine, Vitamin E cranberries, vitamin C and blueberries; all which provide a wonderful source of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to support the immune system, and taurine is necessary for your kitten’s heart function and her vision.

The number one ingredient in this kitten food is chicken meal and real protein. The levels of protein, calcium and zinc are especially formulated for a kitten’s bone and teeth development; and muscle growth. This special best cat food for kittens is made for the nutritional needs of young kittens to support their development and proper growth.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a ravenous monster kitten at home (we think he’s part ragdoll and part garbage disposal), so I buy a lot of kitten food. Nutro Max is a brand I trust because of its quality ingredients…”


4 Wild Delights Kitten Flaked Grain-Free
 by Blue Wilderness

 Wild Delights Kitten Flaked Grain-Free by Blue WildernessThe Blue Wilderness cat food brand is the subsidiary of the famous Blue Buffalo company, and they primarily focused on manufacturing the best canned kitten food with high protein, low carbohydrate and high moisture content. Pet owners seem to be split on the palatability of this best kitten food brand, however.

This best cat food for kittens has a high concentration of chicken and trout. Delicious chucks of real chicken and trout are in a rich tasty gravy which your kitten will love.  Chicken and trout are a digestible protein and supply the needed amino acids.

It is a 100% grain-free formula. This eliminates any glutton sources which can cause an allergic reaction in some kittens. Since there aren’t any chicken or poultry by-products, it means a more wholesome diet. It’s formulated to meet specifically the health needs of growing kittens.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My cat loves this food. He loves most food, but as far as cat food is concerned, he worships this stuff. I had been previously feeding him Iams but I came across Blue Buffalo in Petco as they no longer carry Iams…”


5 Healthy Kitten Formula Premium Cat Food
 by Purina One

 Healthy Kitten Formula Premium Cat Food by Purina OnePurina One is yet another famous company that has been releasing many best kitten food formulas over the years. However, pet owners go back and forth on whether company’s foods fit their specific cats, so reading reviews is important.

Your kitten’s nutritional needs must be met to support her on the inside and the outside for optimal health. Real chicken is this kitten food’s primary ingredient with 0% fillers. This formula is made with DHA which is a nutrient found in mothers’ milk for brain and vision development.

Purina One Healthy Kitten has 46g of protein per cup which helps to develop strong muscles and a healthy heart also. The Omerga-6 gives your kitten a shining coat and healthy skin. The crunchy kibbles reduce plaque as they whiten teeth. It’s easy to digest so more nutrition is absorbed by your kitten during digestion too. Purina One is veterinarian recommended.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is the only way to buy cat food for 3 cats. I have 2 fully grown cats and a kitten and they will not touch any other food except the “Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula Cate Food.” It is hard…”


6 Kitten Healthy Growth Chicken Brown Rice Food
 by Blue Buffalo

 Kitten Healthy Growth Chicken Brown Rice Food by Blue BuffaloAnother one of the best kitten foods that comes from Blue Buffalo with a slightly different formula. This best cat food for kittens is highly digestible and naturally healthy according to its composition on the label and the manufacturer’s information. Pet owners seem to be highly acceptable of this cat food, and most claim their kittens love the taste.

Ingredients in this kitten cat food brand are chosen to help your kitten grow up strong and healthy due to the well-balanced nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The chicken in the food provides the vital amount of protein and essential amino acids which are needed for the well-being of any carnivorous animal like a cat.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have been breeding cats for over 30 years and I have used many high quality products and am always researching and comparing. I compared this to many brands several years ago and found…”


7 Pate Kitten Wet Cat Food
 by IAMS

 Pate Kitten Wet Cat Food by IAMSIAMS are known as one of the top manufacturers of high quality pet foods, both dog and cat food brands. Their formula of the best kitten food is yet another great product released by the company, and many cat owners seem to agree, claiming their kittens love the taste. However, because this is a canned kitten food brand, it’s more expensive.

Nevertheless, this wholesome best cat food for kittens has beet pulp and prebiotics to help with digestive health. It also has omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for her to have a healthy shiny coat. It’s fortified with essential minerals to help with the development of strong bones and teeth. The meaty flavors are cooked slowly in real broth for improved palatability and texture. Your kitten will love it!

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I usually feed my cats grocery store cat food – Friskies, 9 Lives, etc. They’re always hungry and bothering me for more canned food in between mealtimes. So I bought this case of Iams canned cat food…”


8 Kitten Tender Turkey Feast Cat Food
 by Purina Fancy Feast

 Kitten Tender Turkey Feast Cat Food by Purina Fancy FeastAnother offering from the established pet food manufacturer Purina comes from their subsidiary called Purina Fancy. Unlike the majority of their other brands, this is their wet kitten food formula that has received tons of favorable reviews from pet owners, especially due to high palatability among kittens.

This wet cat food for kittens is made with real milk, which is not common in most wet kitten foods. The pate is smooth and made from turkey which makes up the highest amount of protein in this canned food. It provides 100 percent of the complete and balanced diet needed for your kitten to grow up healthy and strong due to the perfect composition of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a 16-week-old kitten, Loki, and the vet said it was good to give her some wet food along with the dry so I purchased some Fancy Feast. Wow, it’s like kitty crack! The minute I take a can out of the box…”


9 Soft Loaf Kitten Wet Cat Food
 by Nutro

 Soft Loaf Kitten Wet Cat Food by NutroAnother offering from Nutro, an established pet food company, is their soft loaf wet cat food for kittens. While this best kitten food brand hasn’t been as popular among pet owners, it definitely deserves more attention due to great nutrient composition. Nevertheless, the reviews this food has received, most of them have been highly favorable.

This Nutro’s kitten formula has a smooth texture and a savory taste. It’s formulated with 0% grain and contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, with high protein and water content. The Nutro Kitten Soft Loaf Chicken recipe is in a soft form that your kitten will enjoy eating and most cats love the taste and smell of it, according to reviews.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I RARELY write reviews but this product is fabulous. I free feed nitro max indoor weight control (chicken) dry food to my cats and wanted to supplement high quality canned food for more real meat protein…”


10 PROACTIVE HEALTH Kitten Dry Cat Food
 by IAMS

 PROACTIVE HEALTH Kitten Dry Cat Food by IAMSFinally, the last but definitely not least on the list of best kitten food brands is another formula from the famous IAMS company. It’s one of the more recently released cat foods for kittens that haven’t gained any traction yet, but according to the label, the nutrient composition of this kitten food seems like a great choice for most young cats.

IAMS’s Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food formula is a wholesome best cat food for kittens made especially for growing kittens with specifically formulated balance of required nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The tailored fiber blend supports healthy digestion and helps to maximize nutrient absorption in kittens. Feeding this to your kitten will help her to grow into a healthy and happy adult cat, according to the manufacturer.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My kitten loves this and isn’t a kitten anymore. She loves it so much I’m trying to wean her off! Highly recommend…”

Feeding Schedule for Kittens

Feeding Schedule for Kittens

Many new cat owners feed their kitten by just filling up a bowl with dry kitten food. It’s the easiest option because kitten’s food is then available for the whole day for the cat. But keeping your kitten on a feeding schedule is the best way to ensure proper nutrition, according to experts. This way you can control what your kitten eats and when she eats.

Going by a feeding schedule using the best cat food for kittens is easier to make sure that she doesn’t gain too much weight or overeat. It is harder to do this though if you have more than one kitten because a slow eating cat could get short-changed on the food.

Additionally, your new little bundle of fluff should eat three times a day. Feeding her in the morning, afternoon and evening is a good approach. You can arrange her feeding schedules to fit yours, too, but keeping it consistent day to day is best if that is possible.

The best cat food for kittens that you buy should have feeding guidelines indicated on the pet food package. Follow those guidelines as a starting point and see how much your kitten eats and monitor your cat’s weight. Here, the food total that is fed each day should be divided into three daily portions with a 1/3 fed at each feeding.

While many pet owners forget to do that, you actually do need to monitor your kitten’s body and weight to see if you need to adjust the cat food portions or type of food fed. If she gains too much weight, then you’ll have to decrease the amount of food that you’re feeding her. If she is too thin, then her food will need to be increased, obviously.

Monitoring your kitten’s food intake will keep her at a healthy weight.

How a Kitten’s Nutritional Needs Differ from an Adult Cat

How a Kitten Nutritional Needs Differ from an Adult CatYou should never feed a young cat food that’s made for adult cats. The above listed best cat foods for kittens is exactly what you want. A kitten’s weight can double the first few weeks or even triple.

With all this explosive growth and the high activity level of a baby kitten, your cat will have three times the energy level requirements of an adult cat.

This means that the calories are burned quicker by kittens than by adult cats, and this makes it more difficult calibrating your kitten’s nutrition needs at just one feeding. Therefore, you need to feed a kitten two to three times a day using specifically designed best kitten food brand that has all the vitamins and nutrition required for developing cats.

In addition, kittens need more protein, which contain amino acids, as well as specific minerals and vitamins than adult cats. Because cats are carnivorous, a kitten should have about 30% of their energy provided by protein. It’s also important to be sure that you provide your kitten with lots of fresh water, obviously. This keeps your kitten healthy.

If your kitten is getting the proper nutrients that she needs, then she should be healthy and alert. She should also be gaining weight steadily and have a glossy and clean coat. If she seems to be having issues, then check with your vet to rule out any health problems.

The bottom line is that kitten’s nutritional needs differ from adult cats. Pet owners should avoid feeding kittens food that’s designed for adult cats because there isn’t enough vitamin, protein and nutrients to give her what she needs and it may contain an excess of other nutrients that the kitten does not need. Stick to the best kitten food brands instead.

When You Have to Switch Cat Foods

When You Have to Switch Cat FoodsIf cats eat the same texture and flavor all throughout kittenhood and you then find that you need to change the cat food of your kitten, you may have an issue because cat are not big fans of adjustments.

A young cat can get a preference for a certain type of kitten food, and it isn’t always easy to sway her from one brand of best cat food for kittens to another.

However, a switch to different brands of cat food may be necessary sometimes, such as due to kitten food recalls or simply from dry kitten food to canned kitten food. If so, when switching, don’t mix it with the old food. If the kitten doesn’t like the new food, then this mixing of the two will prevent your cat from eating altogether. Yes, that’s finicky.

Fortunately, there’s a way to “trick” your cat into trying the new cat food brand.

The best way to switch your cat’s food is to offer the new food in one dish and the old food in another. Over a few days, offer old food in lesser amounts along with the new food. As the amount of the old food decreases, hunger will help her transition to the new food.

Remember that if you make a rapid change in your kitten’s food, it can cause an upset stomach or simply make your cat starve. She may even go on a hunger strike out of spite. It’s important to have a transition period of four to seven days which works best.

The bottom line is that choosing the best kitten food brand for your young cat is important so that she will grow up strong and healthy. Having a new kitten for you is fun and will keep you on your toes. You feeding your kitten the right food will keep her active and fit too.

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