Top 15 Best Cat Training Book Choices


A cat has a mind of her own and if you’re a cat owner, you already know this. Sometimes you may even wonder who really is the master or mistress of your home. Because though cats are clever, affectionate and loving; they are also willful, mischievous and temperamental. Cat training can be difficult at times, which is why learning from the best cat training book is recommended.

Cat training books to the rescue

Best cat training book choicesThere are all kinds of best cat training books available today. Some of the books deal with cat behavioral issues, and some deal with cat training. Some of the books deal with health and show you how to care for kittens and grown cats.

There are also books on breeds of cats which give more extensive information about a particular breed which, when you mix it with the training learning, can be extremely helpful in how to train your particular cat breed.

Where can these books be bought?

You can buy most of the best cat training books online for cheaper than you can at pet stores or brick and mortar book stores. You can even find books about cat care in the library, but the best place is online where you can easily hone your selections.

The books are also rated and reviewed online so that you can get a good feeling about the books you’re interested in. This will give you some insight on what the books are about, as well helping you to pick out the best cat training book for whatever your issue is.

What kind of cat owners buy these books?

Best Cat Training BooksCat owners usually have at least one book about cats in their book collection. Now a book on how to train a cat is perfect for first time cat owners. These kinds of best cat training book choices have lots of valuable information on how to teach your cat and it’s needs.

For owners that want to understand cat behavior such as why a cat may start biting people or scratching things in the house, books on cat behavior will help with this. A cat owner must always have at least one book on training cats on a shelf.

15 Best Cat Training Book Choices


Below is a great assortment of best cat training book choices on how to train your cat quick and easy, including cat behavior and cat care. See if any perk your interest. If you find one that does, just click on it, and that will take you to where it can be purchased.

1 Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat
 by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat  by Pam Johnson-BennettThe first on the list of best cat training book choices is a very popular read – “Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat–Not a Sour Puss.” This book is a comprehensive guide to both cat care and training. It explains the instincts which guide your cat’s behavior too. So, this book will explain to you how to use behavior modification and play therapy techniques.

This author helps you understand what makes your cat behave the way that it does. The book cover topics such as basic health care, where to acquire a cat, to how to find a vet and also deals with more serious problems.

The book will tell you additionally how to avoid those dreaded litter box problems as well as what is the best scratching post for your cat.


2 The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide
 by Sarah Ellis and John Bradshaw

The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide  by Sarah Ellis and John BradshawMany cat owners don’t think that a cat can be trained, won’t be trained or that cats don’t need to be trained. But this isn’t necessarily the case. The second best cat training book choice on the list is the effective training manual from two authors, called “The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat.

This book explains and shows how a cat should be trained and that training strengthens the bond between the cat and its owner. Much discord in the cat/owner relationship can be prevented by following the methods shown in this book.

It’s full of exercises and cat training tips to cover just about every scenario in cat training.


3 Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor Books)
 by Karen Pryor

Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor Books)  by Karen PryorMost long term pet owners are aware of clicker training and who Karen Pryor is. This third best cat training book is written by the famous dog and cat trainer, and it’s aptly called “Clicker Training for Cats (2nd edition of Karen Pryor Clicker Books).

This is another method for training cats is the clicker method. Clicker training can make your cat a more affectionate cat and healthier as well as improve your cat’s attitude.

From this book, you can teach your cat to come when called, to stay off the dinner table, to play without biting or scratching and even to walk outside on a leash. All you need is this book, a clicker and treats!


4 Cat Training in 10 Minutes
 by Miriam Fields Babineau

Cat Training in 10 Minutes  by Miriam Fields BabineauMoving down the list of best cat training book choices there’s a manual for training your cat in a few very simple yet effective steps. Yes, according to this book called “Cat Training in 10 Minutes“, you can train you cat and you only need 10 minutes a day to do so.

Because the training is based on positive reinforcement, it not only works, but strengthens the bond between your cat and you. Your cat will enjoy learning new skills and behaviors based off of this book and its proposed cat training techniques and methods.


5 Naughty No More
 by Marilyn Krieger

Naughty No More  by Marilyn KriegerPet owners who are complete beginners to caring for and training cats and dogs will find the “Naughty No More” best cat training book a very easy and helpful guide. From the very start it’s clear that this is an easy to read beginner’s guide. It will show you how to teach your cat to not scratch the furniture, to sit and stay, not shoot for the door when it’s opened and to stay off the counters and tables.

It combines clicker training with other positive behavior modification techniques. Clicker training can help you solve your cat behavioral problems in a fun and easy way.


6 Cat Training Secrets
 by Patricia Mayo

Cat Training Secrets  by Patricia MayoYou would like a well-behaved cat? A cat that won’t use you’re the floor for a litter box or rip your couch to shreds? This sixth best cat training book called “Cat Training Secrets: How To Raise The Perfect Feline Companion” from Patricia Mayo will show you how to stimulate your cat’s best behavior.

The book is very easy to read and follow the instructions, and it will teach you what triggers to use as well as what not to do with your cat. This book supplies you with the information to even teach an old cat new tricks.


7 Cats and Kittens: The Best Advice
 by Paul B. Travis 

Cats and Kittens: The Best Advice  by Paul B. Travis Seventh best cat training book on this list is a new addition to the library that has yet to garner any reviews from pet owners, but I’ve personally thought it has a very lean and well-laid out content that’s easy to follow.

Cats and kittens: The best advice for you and your cat: A new practical guide to cat training” is a quick and cheap read in Kindle edition, and this book will have tips on how to choose a kitten and general ideas about cat behavior. It will help you to understand what your kitten/cat wants and needs.

It will tell you how to get rid of cat fleas too and how to train a kitten. It’s a good book for cat owners who are trying to create the best conditions for their kitten/cat.


8 Clicker Training for Clever Cats
 by Martina Braun

Clicker Training for Clever Cats  by Martina BraunIf you’ve already read Karen Pryor’s clicker training book mentioned above, this would be a great follow-up to it. This eight best cat training book dives deeper and goes past the basics, and if you’ve read the original clicker cat training book, then you’ll find “Clicker Training for Clever Cats: Learning Can Be Fun!” a very pleasurable and enjoyable read.

Each click means something good for your cat. Whether it be a cuddle, a cat game or a treat. This type of training is called classical conditioning and is part of clicker training. This book explains how to avoid common mistakes with cats, what works with cats and how to reward good behavior.


9 How to Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days
 by Paul Kunkel

How to Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days  by Paul KunkelNot a litter box fan? By using this book’s foolproof 21-day program you can teach your litter trained cat to use the toilet. This ninth best cat training book called “How to Toilet Train Your Cat: 21 Days to a Litter-Free Home” follows its title to a tee: it’s all about how to housetrain your cat and to avoid accidents.

The best age for this kind of training for cats is from 6 months to 10 years of age. Older cats can be trained, but it may take a little longer. The book takes you step by step through the training so that in 21 days your cat will be using the toilet for life.


10 Cat Toilet Training | How to Potty Train Cats
 by The Nelson Family

Cat Toilet Training | How to Potty Train Cats  by The Nelson FamilyAs a good alternative to the above mentioned best cat training book on toilet training cats, the cheaper read from The Nelson Family called “Cat Toilet Training | How to Toilet Train Your Cats or Kitten in 7 Simple Steps Like Princess Peanut” may be a good alternative if you want something that’s easier to read, with quick tips and for less of a cost.

Unlike many other best cat training books on this list, the authors go straight to the point in here. This book has no sugar coating. It uses words and phrases such as “poo,’ “terd” and other colorful terms. It explains how you can have your cat toilet trained and using the toilet in less than 3 months.


11 Maine Coon Cats – The Owners Guide
 by Rosemary Kendall

Maine Coon Cats - The Owners Guide  by Rosemary KendallThe Main Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds out there, and this best cat training book for Main Coons focuses specifically on this breed; however, a lot of other pet owners with different breeds can glean tons of wisdom for their cats here as well.

Maine Coon Cats – The Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age – Buying, Caring for, Grooming, Health, Training, and Understanding Your Maine Coon” is an interesting book has more than you could ever hope to remember about Maine Coons. Some of the subjects are training, grooming, understanding your Maine Coon and even about old age in your cat and what to expect. It’s a A-Z guide about just about everything concerning Maine Coons.


12 How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want
 by Warren Eckstein

How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want   by Warren EcksteinThe twelfth best cat training book on the list from Warren Ecksttein is an old read that’s full of very quick, useful and applicable advice and tons of actionable tips.

This “How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want” book has a lot of helpful information for new pet owners. The books explain how to relieve your cat’s stress and nervousness, how to cope when your cat gets older; your pet’s best diet and how to groom your cat properly. It also explains how to have your cat come when called as well as many other helpful things.


13 Outsmarting Cats: How To Persuade The Felines
 by Wendy Christensen

Outsmarting Cats: How To Persuade The Felines  by Wendy ChristensenA now fairly popular best cat training book from Wendy Christensen called “Outsmarting Cats: How To Persuade The Felines In Your Life To Do What You Want” is often recommended by many pet owners to those who are confused about many other best cat training books and would like something completely different.

Some skeptics say it’s impossible to train a cat especially if a cat is clawing furniture, peeing on the carpets, feasting on houseplants or scratching and biting.

This author believes otherwise and has the latest information on what will work with cats and what won’t. Plus, she’ll explain how to prevent problems in the future as she shares tried and true tips on understanding cat behavior.


14 The Cat Whisperer: How to Talk to Your Cat
 by Claire Bessant

The Cat Whisperer: How to Talk to Your Cat  by Claire BessantOn a slightly different topic but still all about how to train a cat, this fourteenth best cat training book called “The Cat Whisperer: The Secret of How to Talk to Your Cat” is exactly what it says it is. This book explains why you’re having problems with your cat and how to solve them. You’ll enter your cat’s world by exploring its world through its senses.

Plus, you’ll find information on interpreting your cat’s vocal language and its body language, ways to measure your cat’s intelligence and different training techniques. This is a must-read book.


15 The Total Cat Manual
 by David Meyer and Abbie Moore

The Total Cat Manual  by David Meyer and Abbie MooreFinally, the last best cat training book on a list is a full training and cat care manual, “The Total Cat Manual: Meet, Love, and Care for Your New Best Friend“. This is one of the most comprehensive guides about cats available. It describes the basics of understanding your new cat or kitten. It explains how to introduce your cat/kitten to your home. It has explanations about behavioral issues additionally.

Also, as one of the best cat training books out there, it’s full of actionable advice and it has tips on how to choose your vet, cat care and keeping your cat healthy. This book has much of everything that you’ll need to know about your new cat/kitten, and is perfect for completely new pet owners.

There are many places to buy books on cat training. The best place with reviews and ratings are the books you buy online.

Things to never do to your cat

There are some things which you should never do to your cat even if your cat has done something to anger you. For instance, if you catch your cat after the fact, your cat won’t connect why you’re upset with it.

Your cat will only think that you’re punishing it about something that the cat is doing now. By yelling and screaming too, your cat will only become confused. Most cat owners would never hurt their cats.

But if you throw things, hit or shake your cat; you could also injure your cat badly along with confusing it and making it afraid. This could make your cat start to avoid you or run and hide when the cat sees you.

Another thing not to do is to force your cat to do something. Picking your cat up and taking it to the scratching post and running its paws over the post is only going to scare your cat. Same with the litter box. Picking up your cat and forcing it into the litter box is only going to traumatize the cat. Then the cat will be afraid of both you and the litter box.

The last thing is not to make your cat into a beggar. If you use treats only for training and don’t give treats every time your cat taps you, then it won’t be begging for treats all of the time. The cat will learn then that it gets treats only if it is being trained.

Never correct your cat when you’re angry. By using a cat training book, you can correct any misbehavior the right way.

It seems like a simple thing to state, but your cat doesn’t think like you do; your cat thinks like a cat. So, these books can help you get into your cat’s mind so that you can have a better-behaved cat.


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