Top 10 Best Cat House Choices


If you have a cat, you know that cats tend to get bored easily. To keep your cat out of trouble and not scratching your furniture, cat furniture works better than anything else. The best cat house of the right type will keep your cat in place, and there’s plenty of top rated houses for cats that range from expensive to cheap ones that will fit any pet owner on a budget.

Top 10 Best Cat House ChoicesNot all houses for cats are the same, however. There are different types as well, like heated cat house or outdoor cat house. Picking the right kind out of these best cat houses is very important.

Among the types of cat house choices, there are also different variations of best cat house options that will better fit your feline, her personality, her size, or your home decor. If you have multi-cat household, picking the right type of cat tree house is even more important.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best houses for cats, what types exist, how to prevent soiling of houses, how they benefit felines and how to pick the right ones, and we’ll also do a round-up of best cat house reviews, including these top rated choices:

Cat Houses Price Value Quality
Furhaven Tiger Tough House $$$$ A 5 stars
K&H Manufacturing Hangin’ Cat Condo $$$ A- 4 and a half stars
Cat Condo Corner with Sisal Rope $$$ B+ 4 and a half stars
Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Playground $$$ B- 4 stars
Petmate Kitty Kat Condo $$ A 4 stars

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Types of houses for cats and how to choose the best cat house

The first thing to keep in mind when picking the best cat house for your home is the age and activity level of your cat(s).

For example, some cats are more “cat-like” than others; some felines have trouble climbing furniture, and if that’s the case with your pet, then choose a cat house or a piece of cat furniture on the smaller side.

Other than your cat’s age and health, consider your cat’s regular behavior as well when picking cat tree house. Does your cat like to play or is your cat a lay-about cat? Does your cat like to climb all your furniture, or just chill on a window sill and be fairly passive?

If your cat likes to lay in enclosed places and resting, then out of these best cat houses, possibly a type of “cat condo” is the perfect choice. A condo has both sleeping and hiding spots. And with so many choices of cat condo, finding one to fit your budget is easy.

If your cat is an outdoor cat and more on the active side, and you want to place it outside, then a sturdy best cat house that will withstand the elements as well as damage from your cat is the perfect choice. These types of best cat houses are usually more expensive.

Cats who are extremely prone to climbing all the time will benefit the most from a “cat perch” type of best cat house. These cat perches can be attached on windows so that your cat can view the outside world safely, which is what they love to do. Your cat can monitor her surroundings from her lofty perch and stay in her comfort zone without issues.

Cat scratching posts are a different type of cat furniture, and sometimes can be (and should be) purchased separately, unless the cat house comes with a scratching post. If it does, these best cat houses will be more expensive. The bottom line is to not allow your cat destroy the best cat tree house, unless you want to buy a new one fairly soon.

What Are the Best Cat House Choices?
2017’s top best indoor and outdoor cat house options

1 Tiger Tough House Furniture for Cats and Kittens
 by Furhaven Pet

Indoor and outdoor cat house

 Tiger Tough House Furniture for Cats and Kittens by Furhaven PetAs the first on the list of best cat houses, Furhaven Pet has a great and affordable choice for pet owners that will entertain a multi-cat household. This is a multi-level playground with two private cat houses. It’s covered in plush fabric and has cat ladder to reach the second level. It also includes a spring ball wand, handing mouse toy and a hanging ball for hours of fun entertainment.

The sisal scratching post will let your cat scratch and stretch instead of using your couch or favorite chair for this. The best cat house like this one from Furhaven Pet must have a variety of points for the cat to move from and to, and scratching posts to prevent the cat from destroying the house. This one will work well for majority of felines.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I put this together yesterday. It was pretty simple to set up. My cat is 5 months old and very high energy, very curious, and loves to climb. It actually isn’t 5’8 tall, it’s about 6′ (not…”


2 Hangin’ Cat Condo
 by K&H Manufacturing

Indoor cat house

Hangin' Cat Condo by K&H ManufacturingAs the second best cat house on the list, K&H Manufacturing‘s option is probably the most convenient and unique out of all. This cat tree house will mount on any door. By hanging, it takes up less floor space. There are seven peep holes so that your cat can play hide and seek with you or with other cats. There’s also complete interior access for all the 5 levels.

It’s made form Denier waterproof fabric which can be wiped with a damp cloth and folds down for easy removal and storing – another reason this best house for cats may be the most convenient option for majority of pet owners, and especially those with many cats in home. Reading the cat house reviews, it appears that most pet owners agree and found this hanging cat tree house as a great option when other houses couldn’t fit.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This item is great for people who live in smaller apartments. It hangs securely on the door. All my cats love to play & sleep in this condo. It’s a great…”


3 Cat Condo Corner Kitty Furniture with Sisal Rope
 by Cozy Cat Furniture

Indoor cat house

Cat Condo Corner Kitty Furniture with Sisal Rope by Cozy Cat FurnitureThird on the list of best cat tree houses is a simple yet high quality option from Cozy Cat Furniture. This is a large condo for big cats and is extremely durable and stable. The top bed portion of the cat bed and condo are sturdy enough to hold the largest of cats without issue. A toy is attached to the top nest which has a sisal rope scratching area for those sharp claws.

This best cat condo is made in the USA with only first class materials, and that’s immediately clear when you put it up in your home. It will fit perfectly in any corner or can be placed anywhere in the room and will often fit nicely most home decors. It additionally comes in five colors: beige, blue, brown, gray and green, if you need it.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My two big girls love their new kitty condo–and love that it allows them to step right out of the top perch and onto my desk. (Good for them, less so for me. I may have to rethink its…”


4 Pet Tiger Tough Playground Treehouse
 by Furhaven Pet

Indoor and outdoor cat house

Pet Tiger Tough Playground Treehouse by Furhaven PetAnother offering from Furhaven Pet, but this time a cheap cat house that’s similar to their original large design. This Tiger Tough Tree House Playground has lots of room and fun areas for your cat to play in. It’s multi-leveled with cat toys and sisal scratching posts. The high plush lounging platform lets your cat observe any activity in the room from its lofty perch.

The fourth best cat house is large and spacious for naps and privacy but it’s not big or as versatile as the above mentioned in the first position. Nevertheless, Furhaven Pet’s best cat tree house will be a perfect place for you cat to just hang out in, and will also easily fit most homes and decors, according to pet owners in cat tree house reviews.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My husband and I took in a stray, Spanky, whom we wanted to keep as an indoor cat without him taking to scratching the furniture. We’ve had many cats through the years and none…”


5 Kitty Kat Condo
 by Petmate

Indoor and outdoor cat house

Kitty Kat Condo by PetmateThe company Petmate are experienced in manufacturing tons of pet furniture, and they are close in having the best cat house for the most affordable price. The Kitty Kat Condo is carpeted on its floor for warmth. This also encourages scratching to keep your cat’s claws in shape.

While the design of this cat house is not as complex as most others, this one definitely fits the definition of a “best cat house” and accomplishes exactly what it says it does. It’s a durable small cat house to keep your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A hood keeps rain away from entryway. This is a perfect house for use in a cat catico.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “The doorway is wide, so does not trap heat in for warmth in winter, but it is great for shade and as a wind break or rain shelter in other seasons. Several cats can sit inside. Wish the…”


6 Curious Cat Cube
 by Midwest Homes for Pets

Indoor cat house

Curious Cat Cube by Midwest Homes for PetsMoving along with another small best cat house that’s pretty simplistic yet effective, Midwest Homes for Pets‘ option is the next best thing you can find. This cat cube is designed to entice your cat to play and hang out. It is strongly constructed and study. Also, the cat hideout collapses flat for storage when your cat isn’t using it.

The bed topper on this best cat house is cushioned with stuffed bolsters for elevated lounging and relaxation too. Additionally, if your cat likes to play, he can play with the hanging jingle balls or play hide and seek through the cutouts. The cube is brown faux suede and perfect for all size of cats, and usually fits most home decors very nicely, according to cat tree house reviews.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My cat Domino likes this cube well enough but what she really loves is the brown paper that it came packaged with…”


7 1-Story Cats Condo
 by Flexrake

Indoor cat house

1-Story Cats Condo by FlexrakeOn the side of cheap cat houses, this one from Flexrake is a decent option for pet owners on a budget. This one-story cat condo is state of the art manufacturing in a cat condo. Because the high-grade carpet comes in decorator colors, this furniture will blend into with any room.

It provides a great outlet for scratching and stretching too, according to both pet owners reviews of this cat house and the manufacturer. The design is very simplistic and may not fit most home decors; it does look a little cheap, but for the price, it may be worth it to provide your cat with a simple yet effective solution for rest and hiding away.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “We bought this for our little Yorkie dog as he loves to sleep in small spaces and cubbies. We also have two cats who use it as well. My Yorkie likes to sit/sleep inside and on top of this hut…”


8 4-Tier Cat Tree Condo

Indoor and outdoor cat house

4-Tier Cat Tree Condo by IRIS USAAs the eight best cat tree house, this option from the popular company IRIS USA may be the best cheap cat tree house you can find on the market. This cat condo is perfect for napping and playing for your cat. It’s multi-level with plush-covered perches, a suspended hammock, a suspended porch; a climbing ramp, one fixed hammock, and a round hide away.

Given its price tag on Amazon, the value rating is pretty high for this cheap cat house. It’s nearly 4 feet tall with a wide stable base for support. It’s easy to clean either with a vacuum or a soft brush, but it does have a look and smell of a cheaper manufacturing processes and materials used.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Great, sturdy cat tree but I gave it 4 stars because the “instructions” is really just a parts list and a diagram of what goes where. After figuring it out the hard way, I suggest you…”


9 Special Robin Hood Tree House Playhouse
 by Hiding Cat Tree

Indoor cat house

Special Robin Hood Tree House Playhouse by Hiding Cat TreeThe Hiding Cat Tree company is a new kid on the block, but they managed to create a very attractive and stylish best cat house that will not only fit home decor, but even improve it. This cat tree house is for cats of all levels and play activity. The soft-sided cat condo can be for privacy and taking cat naps. It also has a perch and multi fun activities that your cat won’t be able to resist.

The large viewing platform on this best cat tree house gives your cat a “bird’s eye” view of its surroundings too. This cat tree (more than an actual cat house) will draw your cat to it and will give your cat hours of fun, exercise, scratching and relaxation while also not look ugly even if you put it in your living room. This best cat tower can be cleaned easily with a vacuum or a mild detergent.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “The cat loves it. Needed some reinforcement it’s a little wobbly…”


10 52 Inch Multi-level Tower with Scratching Post
 by Yaheetech

Indoor and outdoor cat house

52 Inch Multi-level Tower with Scratching Post by YaheetechAs a final option on the list of best cat houses, Yaheetech has another affordable option for cat owners on a budget. This will provide your cat or kitten with a better place to scratch than your furniture. There are so many different places for them to explore too with this tower such as the condo, the perch, the tunnel and the hammock.

It’s made from 350g soft plush and particle board for stability. It has a strong weight bearing capacity and is easy to assemble. While pet owners in the cat tree house reviews are mostly happy with the purchase, many have noted that it’s visible that this is a cheap cat tree house. Nevertheless, it appears sturdy and survives most cats’ punishment.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Product arrived when stated . It was a little difficult to put together if you’re not mechanically inclined . Otherwise the cat’s liked it…”

Choosing the Best Cat Houses

What should you look for in the best cat house choice?

A cat house and cat furniture isn’t just for your cat’s benefit, but your benefit as well. Bored cats are mischievous with things that aren’t cat-proof. There are many kinds and types of cat houses and cat furniture, enough to suit any cat’s tastes. Finding the right house or furniture also depends on what type of cat your cat is.

A cat tree or condo is designed with the nature of the cat in mind. A cat’s natural instinct is to climb, hunt, stalk and play. Furniture should also work on helping your cat develop quick reflexes and healthy muscles as well as having a feeling of general well-being. But you have to keep in mind your cat preferences too. A low above-the-ground loving cat won’t like a high perch.

The design of cat furniture should take into consideration your cat’s love of heights. Now the desire to perch is strong in cats so that they can survey the surroundings, yet feel safe. Some cats though like to be higher than others. But if your cat likes to be high up, there are cat condos with towers that will almost reach the ceilings which your cat will love.

Keep in mind with all of this that if your cat feels that what you have bought is not stable and sturdy, she won’t use it. This is regardless of the fact that what you bought may be extremely safe. If your cat feels that it’s unstable then this won’t matter, your cat won’t use it.

Regardless, whatever you buy should be of a good quality. Once your cat accustoms itself to the new cat tower or house, you’ll notice your cat’s confidence soar too as your cat climbs and jumps.

In addition, the best thing to do when shopping for your cat furniture or house, is to step back and give the structure a once over. Also, the best designed cat condo’s or trees will have a stair-step design. This will let your cat jump and climb to the top perch safely and get back down again. Make sure that the cat furniture or house that you purchase is safe and sturdy.

Being aware of cat furniture and house safety with cats

Cats seem to fly and leap through the air with swift assuredness. It may look scary to you, but there usually isn’t a cause for concern. But there are some safety concerns that you should be aware of when buying anything for a cat in the area of play. Be sure that nothing that is dangling such as string toys that could become wrapped around your cat’s legs or neck.

In addition, be sure that there aren’t any exposed nails, screws or staples which might cut your cat. Another idea is to tether a large play unit to a nearby wall so that the unit has the extra stability if needed. This is especially a good idea if you have a big heavy cat that likes to jump from perch to perch.

Too, if you happen to have a big cat such as a Maine Coon, a cat condo is really durable. Additionally, when shopping for your cat condo or cat house, be sure that the crawl tubes are big enough for your cat to get through. The resting levels should be nice and wide too, and it should have an adequate weight capacity.

So if you’re concerned about the weight capacity of the cat furniture, then don’t buy it. Make sure that the piece of cat furniture you buy is of good quality too. You don’t want your big cat jumping on the cat tree or condo and getting hurt.

Be sure that whatever cat furniture you buy fits your cat’s needs. Finding the perfect cat condo and playhouse is easier when you have the right selections. Your cat will love its house. When you’re a responsible cat owner, making sure that your cat gets enough exercise is important. Buying the right cat house or condo can make your cat healthier and happier.

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