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The relationship between your cat and your new designer sofa may be a love affair that you will never be able to end. Your cat’s constant clawing and scratching at that expensive upholstery may send a signal to your brain that can only be summed up as rage and frustration. This is where best cat claw covers can be of significant help for cat owners.

Top Best Cat Claw CoversMost people fear of adopting cats because they understand the dangers of having their furniture ruined. But fear not, because there is hope. Experts agree that best cat claw covers, also known as claw caps, plastic cat claw covers or cat nail caps, are is a great way to protect surfaces of your home from your cat’s claws.

In this article, we’ll discuss how pet owners use plastic cat claw covers, how to pick the best cat nail caps, analyze cat claw covers reviews, why they work and do a round-up of the best cat claw covers, including these top rated brands:

Soft Cat Claw Covers Price Quality Rating
Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats $$$ A+ 5 stars
Feline Nail Caps for Claws $$$ A 4 and a half stars
Soft Nail Caps For Cat Claws $ B+ 4 and a half stars
CLS Soft Claws for Cats $$ B 4 stars
USA COMBO Nail Caps For Claws $ C+ 4 stars

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Choosing the best cat claw covers for your feline

Picking the best soft cat claw nail coversDeclawing your cat is never a good idea for many reasons. Getting one of the best cat claw covers for your feline is a humane way to provide a simple solution to ongoing damage to furniture and floors caused by your pet’s clawing and scratching. We all know that scratching is the most common cat behavior problem.

Feline training experts and vets agree that it’s essential to not let your cat scratch the furniture. Not only it damages your belongings, but it fosters bad behavior. The best cat claw covers come by way of caps and are easy to apply, comfortable for your cat, and do not interfere with your cat’s natural extension and retraction of their claws.

Plastic cat claw covers are an alternative to declawing a cat, which has been labeled inhumane by vets, and can be both painful and harmful to your cat. The best cat claw covers come in all varieties and are mostly available to cats of all sizes and ages. They last as long as six weeks. You only need to attach the claw covers to the cat’s front paws.

“…you should be aware that once the procedure is completed, your cat will no longer have a way to defend itself from other cats or predators that come into its territory,” says Dr. Mark Stickney, Clinical Associate Professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine (source)

With everything that vets and experts say in mind, it’s clear that declawing isn’t a good option and the only way to prevent a cat from this bad behavior is to use the now popular claw covers for cats. So here’s the round-up of the best soft cat claw covers as rated and chosen for their effectiveness, and positively reviewed by other pet owners.

What are the Best Cat Claw Covers?
2017’s top 10 plastic cat claw covers for your cat

1 Nail Caps for Cats (Cleat Lock System)
 by Soft Claws

For Larger CatsNail Caps for Cats (Cleat Lock System) by Soft Claws
14+ pounds and Larger Breeds

As the first best cat claw covers on our list, Soft Claws is the most popular brand and a long-term best seller on Amazon. These soft cat nail claw covers are equipped with CLS, a cleat lock system invented by the Soft Claws brand. These are self-locking cleats which offer a more improved grip. They feature Soft Cuff which helps them fit snugly on the nail so combined with the cleats it helps to improve the overall adhesion.

The kit of plastic cat claw covers includes 40 caps, 2 tubes of adhesive, 6 applicator tips. It comes with enough caps for 4 front paw applications which can last approximately 4-6 months – each application lasting 4-6 weeks. One pack of these best claw covers for cats will last a long time for most cat owners.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have had a terrible time with my 15 pound Tabby scratching furniture. I was pleasantly surprised that he got used to wearing the Soft Claws quickly but had to watch him for the first 15 minutes or so. The Soft Claws seem…”


2 Soft Feline Nail Caps for Claws
by Kitty Caps

For Smaller Cats Soft Feline Nail Caps for Claws by Kitty Caps
Large Breed Kittens or Small Breed Cats

Kitty Caps have their brand second on our list of best plastic cat claw covers, and they are easy to apply and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These soft cat claw caps are specifically for smaller cats and larger breed kittens but won’t fit medium or large cats. Nail caps are vinyl and are easy to apply with adhesive.

Each pack comes with 40 nail caps and 2 applicators and 2 tubes of special adhesive. One application lasts 6 weeks. Cat owners are fast to review these soft nail covers and agree that they work just as advertised, and most cats seem to be fairly comfortable with these.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “We have a very active 7 month old kitten. We used Soft Claws from 1 month to almost 6 months. My biggest concern was that our cat kept getting his Soft Claw caps caught on things: a woven…”


3 Soft Nail Caps For Cat Claws
 by Purrdy Paws

For KittensSoft Nail Caps For Cat Claws by Purrdy Paws
: Kittens less than 6 months old

These soft cat nail caps from Purrdy Paws, the brand that pretty much owns this niche, are safe for kittens and are a great way to help encourage your young cat not to scratch up your furniture. These fun, pink nails caps are a stylish accessory for your kitten as she prances and pounces on your hardwood floors, not damaging a single plank.

The third best cat claw covers are very safe and non-toxic, according to the manufacturer, even if your kitten tries to bite them off and ingest them, they will safely pass through their digestive system. The kit comes with 20 pink nail caps, adhesive, and applicator tip. Reading the soft nail claw cover reviews, pet owners are pretty happy with the items.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I love these & great prices too! They stay on longer with the older cat than they do with the kitten but I kind of expected that with this kitten! She’s a mess! All in all, I am pleased with them! I’ve recommended…”


4 CLS Soft Claws for Felines
 by Soft Claws

For the Classy CatCLS Soft Claws for Felines by Soft Claws
: Medium sized cats

Soft Claws is another well-established brand in the plastic cat claw covers niche. For that freshly manicured look as if they just stepped out of the nail salon, your cat can now have freshly painted nails without the paint. The red nail caps give the appearance of a professional kitty manicure and protect your furniture against kitty clawing as well.

These best nail caps for cats come in small and medium sizes. With 40 nails caps, adhesive, and applicator that work just as they should, this one pack will last pet owners a long time and protect the furniture at home. Pet owners seem to agree on this, as most have positively reviewed these soft nail clovers on Amazon.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I absolutely love these! I started using this product about 4-5 months ago. I wanted to give it enough time before, I wrote a review. So here’s my story…”


5 USA COMBO Nail Caps For Cat Claws
 by Purrdy Paws

For Patriotic CatsUSA COMBO Nail Caps For Cat Claws by Purrdy Paws
: Cats of 9-13 pounds

More soft nail covers from Purrdy Paws here. Cats too can show their patriotic spirit too by donning red, white, and blue nail caps. This 30-pack comes with 10 of each color – red, white, and blue, 2 tubes of adhesive and 2 applicator tips, and will fit cats up to 13 pounds in size, and that are no smaller than 9 pounds in size.

These fifth best cat claw covers are perfect for July 4th celebrations and Memorial Day due to their style. Each application lasts 4-6 weeks and are non-toxic. Everything else about these soft nail caps for cats are exactly the same as the above item, just the design is different in case pet owners want some variety for their felines.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): ” usually buy kitty caps through petsmart but I saw these and they were alot cheaper but in the long run they don’t last the top half would Crack off so it was no longer protecting anything from his scratches they…”


6 Feline Claw Nail Caps
 by Soft Claws

For Goth CatsFeline Claw Nail Caps by Soft Claws
: Medium to large cats

Another different offering from the established brand Soft Claws. This is perfect for those Emo cats; dress their nails up in black vinyl with Soft Claws nail caps in jet black. Your furniture will be protected from cat clawing all while giving your cat a fashionable new look.

These sixth best cat claw covers fall off naturally after 4-6 weeks or when your cat’s natural nails grow. Pet owners are saying that for most cats, when fit appropriately (medium to large cats), these hold well and prevent the damage to belongings. Picking the right size is very important with claw covers.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My kitten is eight months old and ten pounds. She is now wearing the medium size Soft Claws. We started her on kitten size not too long ago, but she outgrew them quickly. When I was unsure…”


7 40-Pack Ultra Glow Nail Caps For Claws
 by Purrdy Paws

For Cats Who Are Afraid of the Dark40-Pack Ultra Glow Nail Caps For Claws by Purrdy Paws
: 4 different sizes available

These vibrant soft nail caps for cats from Purrdy Paws glow in the dark and make it fun for nighttime play. This 40-pack comes in all sizes and each application lasts 4-6 weeks. Purrdy Paws were developed by a veterinarian and are safe to use, made of non-toxic vinyl.

Just like the other similar options of best cat claw covers from Purrdy Paws mentioned above, the set comes with 40 nail caps, 2 tubes of adhesive, and applicator tips. The difference is these have an ultra glow and a different style/design, but pet owners seem to be just as happy with the received product and claim that these best soft cat nail caps work just as said they would.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Bought these for our cat. Have tried nearly every brand out there. These are just the right size for our cat. Not too small, not too large. She’s appx 12lb and medium was perfect. Only…”


8 NEON Nail Caps For Cats
 by Purrdy Paws

For Cats in love with 80s pop hitsNEON Nail Caps For Cats by Purrdy Paws
: Cats up to 13 pounds

Purrdy Paws have been busy coming up with ideas for new designs of soft cat nail caps. Now, flashback to the 80s with these bright neon designer claw covers. These claw covers were developed by a veterinarian and are made of non-toxic vinyl which can glue onto the cats natural claws. The caps last 4-6 weeks or until your cat naturally sheds its own nails.

The non-toxic vinyl makes it safe for cats even if they ingest them, the caps will safely pass through their digestive system. Each set comes with 20 nail caps, 1tube of adhesive and an applicator tip. This set will last approximately 2 months. These are arguably one of the better looking best cat claw covers and most pet owners like the style a lot.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Read about the name brand version as an alternative to declawing and I wish I had bought these a long time ago!! I bought the medium, which fit my average sized cat just right. These are definitely worth the money!! Here’s a couple…”


9 Eyourlife 20 Nail Covers
 by Eyourlife

For the Unicorn CatEyourlife 20 Nail Covers by Eyourlife
: Small size cats and large kittens

A new cat on the block, Eyourlife have came up with a unique design for soft cat claw covers. As per the company, your cat is special and unique, just like a unicorn. Dress their paws up with magical violet glitter nail caps. These nail caps are an ultra-violet purple with glittery specks of ocean blue, cobalt blue, and bright pink.

Your cat will look like it came out of a fairy-tale forest with these decorative nail caps. These nail caps come in all sizes and are made of a safe PVC material, BPA free. The package includes 20 nail caps and 1 tube of adhesive. In terms of functionality, these work as they supposed to and pet owners who reviewed these best claw covers for cats agree.

Amazon Customer ReviewsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “These are wonderful! I bought these for my cat, he has unusually sharp claws even – after clipping and he is constantly scratching someone in his eagerness to play. I saw these and…”


10 Nail Cap Kit For Cats
 by Cushy Claws

For Simple Medium-Sized CatsNail Cap Kit For Cats by Cushy Claws
: 9-13 pounds, average sized adults

As the final option on our list of best cat claw covers, there’s a completely new brand – Cushy Claws. These are made from a safe, non-toxic vinyl resin that naturally fall off in 4-8 weeks depending on the growth of your cat’s natural nails. They are veterinarian approved.

The exact same functionality applies with these: using Cushy Claws cat nail caps can help protect against damage done by cat scratching to your furniture, hardwood floors, window screens, and carpets. The kit comes with 20 vinyl caps and 1 tube of Adhesive and applicator. These cat claw covers aren’t popular yet as the manufacturer only recently released the products, so it’s unclear how these worked for other pet owners.

What are the best soft nail caps for cats

How best soft cat claw covers help pet owners

As we have already established, and pet owners have confirmed, soft nail covers for cats are a great and humane way to protect your furniture, hardwood floors, carpets, and screen doors  from cat scratching. Scratching is a natural, instinctual behavior for cats so there is no way to just stop it completely but support it with scratching posts.

You can teach your cat to scratch at designated scratching posts around the house, but there is a chance your tall, plush sofa will look appealing to them.

There are many cat owners who still choose today to have their cats declawed which is not only painful, but can be emotionally and physically damaging to the cat as well, which is why many organizations have deemed the act inhumane. If declawing was done on a human being, imagine having your fingers cut off to the knuckle.

Declawing a cat also prevents the cat from protecting itself in case of a fight with another animal. Declawing procedure is currently banned in 22 countries and in major cities across the United States. Behavioral problems such as urinating outside the litter box and excessive biting are common after a cat is declawed.

Some of the best cat claw covers and nail caps are a safe, effective, and humane way to keep your cats nails and still keep your home scratch-free. When shopping for nail covers, make sure the brand is veterinarian approved and made of non-toxic materials.

Although the adhesive included in most kits of best cat claw covers will fit firmly to the nail cap, there is a chance your kitty could bite it off, which makes it important for the nail cap to be non-toxic in case the cat ingests it. Nail caps are also easy to apply as they are designed to fit perfectly over your cat’s natural nails.

Cat nail covers come in many colors and color varieties including rainbow, sport teams colors, and glitter. It’s fun to accessorize your cat to match holidays and special occasions.

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